established in 2014


Hi I am Sandra Ceballos, after the home industry crashed in 2008, I found myself having to start a new career. I accepted a position in a senior retirement community as a Marketing Coordinator in Lake County, FL.  I quickly embraced and learned about the senior living industry, the processes involved and the levels of care.  When a position became available in Tampa Bay, I found myself "moving again" and with a new sense of life.  My new community also included the responsibility of assisting new residents through the move process and it wouldn’t be long before I realized there was need that was not being met.  My widows were frightened to have some moving guy come into their home and do an estimate...after all they live alone.  Truth is, when you're in your 80's the idea of moving is hard enough.  In time, the words "thank you" and the "tears of joy" gave me the courage to create Silver Roots. Now I can meet those needs and now I understand why I was led to this new career, at this stage of my life! 

We are proud and blessed to have evolved into a one stop center that assists senior citizens.  As senior transition and move specialists we take care of everything that needs to happen before, during, and after the move including the sale of the home by a Senior Real Estate Specialist. Whether you're a senior moving or in transition, the adult child seeking assistance or if you're someone who has suffered the loss of a parent, Silver Roots was founded for you.

Our Mission

To gain recognition as a high quality senior transition company that empowers and aids seniors and their families in their decisions to secure a safe and superior quality of LIFE.

Team Silver Roots 

Sandra Ceballos, Founder