Sandra is the Owner and Senior Moving Specialist of Silver Roots, LLC and worked in the senior living industry prior to opening Silver Roots. It was a career change over 5 years ago, where she found a new passion and a work environment  that allows her to nurture and care for others. She has a degree in Human  Resources, studied Architectural Design and has worked in office administration for over 25 years. A mother of 3 and grandmother of 5, it is fair to say she has never met a stranger. She has a passion for the great outdoors and loves dogs.  Sandra is also bilingual in the Spanish language. 

Pics for Marcia 2016 Christmas by Pierce Brunson Photography


Marcia is a Senior Ambassador and Team Leader. She works one-on-one with our customers through the rightsizing process.  She is a multifaceted individual, a mother of 1, has a degree in the Arts and  Graphic Design and let's not forget she loves to dance!  Her passion however, blossoms in her roll and you clearly see her love for helping and guiding our customers. Her personality is fun, loving and hardworking.  Marcia is also bilingual in the Portuguese language.