Spring cleaning and home sale preparation

April showers bring May flowers and spring cleaning. This is one of those things I actually enjoy and do twice a year, weird I know! But whether spring cleaning, helping a senior downsize as they transition or you're preparing to put your home up for sale, the process is one in the same.   Here are some great tips to aid you in maintaining a forward momentum with little stress.

1.    Get a notepad and write down the rooms and closets you want to tackle.

2.    Remember don't rush, it's not a race. Make it fun and recruit a friend or
       perhaps you would like to enlist one of our Silver Roots professionals to
       assist you.

2.    Play some music!  They say it tames the beast within (ha ha)

3.    Set up 4 bins and label them KEEP, DONATE, TRASH, MAYBE,  you may
       have 2 additional bins for FAMILY ITEMS and SELL , if you're going to
       be having estate sale or moving sale.

4.   Organize important documents and be sure that you have everything in
       one location.  In Florida, if we have to evacuate it's quick grab and go.

6.    Clear the clutter! Rule of thumb I use is, if you haven't used it in a year
       then either gift to someone that can make use of it or donate it.

7.     If you're selling your home this is great time to ask me about Staging!

Notes for my seniors and their families

1.  Take your time, go slow, cherish your memories and then decide whether
    it stays or goes. Have you a friend or neighbor that has been of great help
    over the years?  Perhaps you can bless them with a thank you gift.

2.  If you're moving to a community that serves your meals, congratulations
     you no longer have to cook!  Perhaps you can reduce your cookware,
     dishes and glassware.  A set of 4 to 6 is all you really need.  Consider
     enjoying your China and donate all your stoneware.  Make sure you keep
     some Tupperware, communities tend to have larger meal portions and
     your sure to want to take some leftovers home.

3.  Are you purging furniture? This is a great time to contact family and see
     what pieces they would like or can use. Ask Silver Roots about charities, I
     have one that provides furniture through vouchers for young adults
     coming out of the state foster program.

4.  Photos and albums, if your going to use Silver Roots, ask about our
      memory keeper program!

Happy decluttering!