Congratulations you have chosen your new home, now lets plan the move!

Congratulations you have chosen a community,  a new home and you picked a moving date. Now let’s prepare for the move, hopefully you have a hired Silver Roots ambassador to coordinate your entire transition, if not then I highly recommend you enlist someone to help you.

2 months before your moving date

  • Your new floor plan should be completed 

  • Determine if you need to have a moving sale

  • Determine what treasures and items need to be shipped to family members

  • Decide what items need to be donated and what can be sold

  • Start interviewing estate sale companies, moving companies and a real estate company

  • (if you’re working with Silver Roots, they handle it all, including the sale of your home) 

  • Complete change of address cards with Post Office

  • Order new checks with new address

1 month before you moving date

  • Change of address cards should be ready for:
    o   physicians 

    o   family
    o   friends

    o   subscriptions
    o   banks

    o   vehicle registration
    o   social security administration

    o   prescriptions

  • Schedule shutting off utilities

  • Schedule transfer of phones and cable

3 weeks before moving day

  • Have estate/moving  sale

  • Call to have donation items picked up

  • Confirm all is a go with moving company

2 weeks before moving day

  • Confirm dates to have phone and cable turned on (day before move is preferable)

  • Make notes on existing furniture damage

  • Plan your moving day

1 day before moving day
Separate the following items to transport yourself.

  • Purse / wallet

  • Shoes (you would be surprised how many people are wearing slippers and by the time they realize it, all shoes have been packed)

  • Medications

  • Valuables/Jewelry

  • Phone

  • Have check ready to pay movers

  • Extra outfit for dinner

It’s here, your big day, the start of a new chapter in your life!  After weeks of preparation, the movers have arrived!  A walk through your home, pointing out fragile items and giving special instructions, then just leave it all in the capable hands of the movers.  Go shopping for some new accent pieces for the your new place, go to lunch and maybe even a movie.  Did you know that Silver Roots team of professional movers not only packs and moves, but they will unpack, restage and connect all electronics at your new place and in most cases that very same day.

Note:  The movers work fast and hard, so be considerate and turn down the a/c, a little reminder to the team leader will ensure it turned back up before locking up.

Best Wishes!