Decision Makers: Senior parents and their adult children

I have heard the term Gatekeeper, often used when referring to the adult children of seniors in transition. It has been stated according to statistics on the web, that 73% of adult children make the decision for the senior parents. However, the truth is that most adult children are not seeking to make the decision for able parents, but instead to be supportive and aid them in finding a safe and secure living environment.

After a community has been selected, what happens to everything in a home that has been lived in for over 20 years?  Adult children have full-time jobs, families, responsibilities, plus the love and commitment to care and assist their parents. There are rooms to be downsized, things to be donated, moving sales to be had and homes to prepped and sold.  Often times it’s a mad rush to fly in for a weekend and attempt to do it in less than 72 hours. An impossible mission that creates stress on the adult children and in turn great stress on the senior parent who doesn't want to be a burden.  Not to mention, the parents are not able to take time to go through their things and make decisions at a comfortable pace. Instead, they feel overwhelmed, and powerless.  How do you begin downsize, call for bids from estate sale companies, cleaning crews, movers, or even arrange for donation pickup, all in a weekend?

Silver Roots was created to empower seniors and their families.  We take the stress off the adult children by becoming not only the senior parent’s ambassador, but theirs as well. In true family meeting format, we meet with the senior parent and the adult children to review the outline for our game plan. Adult children are then able to  return to their daily responsibilities and the senior parent along with their Senior Roots Ambassador begin interviewing and obtaining bids from the movers, moving/estate sale people and coordinate the complete transition process, all while maintaining the family informed.  We can take weeks or even months working with the senior parent to go through each room, while remembering memories, laughing, listening and empowering them to stay in control and make decisions for themselves.

Transitioning is difficult enough, but why not hire a transition company in your area that strives to help the entire family. One that can be with you every step of the way from beginning to end.  Please remember to hire only a company that is licensed and insured.  Ask your community who they recommend in your area and remember… Rome wasn’t built in a day.